Service support
pre-sale service

Understand customer needs and pain points, and obtain the operating parameters that each axis needs to achieve.

Provide overall solutions in accordance with customer requirements.

In-sale service

After the contract takes effect, provide users with detailed technical information in a timely manner.

Provide technical support services and on-site guidance.

After-sales service
  • 01

    Sales to obtain customer needs and seek corresponding technical experts for docking

  • 02

    Technical experts and the customer’s project leader, communicate specific technical requirements, confirm the selection data, project time nodes, make calculations and selections based on real working conditions, and provide a complete configuration plan

  • 03

    Before commissioning, the customer's equipment is required to have commissioning conditions, and the form is confirmed

  • 04

    After debugging, the customer signs to confirm

Service Content
  • 01 In response to customer requirements, provide complete system integration solutions to improve customer product competitiveness.

  • 02 A strong professional service team provides a full range of expert-level technical consulting services such as process flow, system debugging, etc.

  • 03 Quick response capability, experienced experts can provide assistance to customers via telephone, remote online or on-site, so as to solve problems with the highest efficiency

  • 04 Provide on-site service support, such as troubleshooting, system debugging, on-site technical training, technical iterative upgrades, renovation projects, etc.

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