Industry solutions

Program overview

Customer’s pain points:
1. Traditional welding equipment, which uses a screw or rack and pinion transmission system, has a congenital return clearance deviation, which will cause heat after long-term operation. The positioning accuracy is affected, the welding path is closed and mutated, the welding quality is reduced, and the safety hazard of the battery pack is increased.
2. End customers have higher and higher requirements for the efficiency and accuracy of welding of new energy power batteries, but they are limited by the processing technology and mechanical transmission structure, and the current general processing speed can only be within 200mm/s.

The secret of success:
1. The full closed-loop combination of Rexroth’s MTX CNC system and Rexroth’s IndrDynL linear motor overcomes the physical limitations of traditional screw or rack and pinion drives It can achieve higher accuracy;
2, the processing speed in the welding process of new energy power battery reaches 300mm/s, which is more than 50% of the industry, and the efficiency is improved obviously;
3, the arc reduction ratio Only 3%, the advantage of R2 fillet welding deceleration is highlighted in the application, and the fillet welding transition is more natural and smooth.

The advantages of Xiangju:
1. A professional team with many years of experience in the application of Rexroth’s MTX CNC system;
2. Real new energy that can be replicated Application experience in power battery welding;
3. Be able to provide professional pre-sale consultation, in-sale installation and commissioning and after-sales guarantee services.

Customer benefits
  • Support follow-up controlSupport different sensor types
  • Tell the output to be used for on-the-fly cutting
  • Leapfrogging function, support parabolic trajectory
  • Tool compensation function, according to the size of the light spot compensation
  • Power control function
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Pre-spot welding and sealing welding of battery cell cover