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Rexroth IMS-I integrated measurement system


Quality and maximum productivity are the benchmarks of modern production. Intelligent systems that can provide high-precision measurements and excellent repeatability can create optimal conditions for solving challenging and precise tasks. The IMS-I incremental length measuring system takes accuracy to a new level and achieves excellent workpiece quality. The inductive measurement system can achieve higher accuracy than high-precision glass measurement without any additional installation space. The IMS-I can avoid contact and wear during operation, which greatly improves the usability of the machine, and at the same time has a very high resistance to external influences and pollution. IMS-I can be used for roller and ball guide systems.

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力士乐 IMS-I 集成测量系统.png
  • The principle of non-contact, inductive measurement is used, so it is free from wear
  • High-precision position resolution and best repeatability to improve quality
  • The dial is made of steel
  • No magnetic components
  • Protection grade IP67, reliable and anti-pollution
  • Simple structure, complete integration of measuring system components and linear guide, eliminating additional components
  • There are a variety of components suitable for ball and roller guide systems