Industry solutions

Focus on FA industrial automation system solutions, improve production line performance and efficiency, and reduce after-sales costs
  • Laser application

  • Machine tool application

  • Logistics application

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    New energy application

  • 印刷灰.png印刷白.png

    Printing application


Laser application industry solutions

Rich experience in plane cutting, pipe cutting, 3D laser processing and other fields, covering low, medium and high configuration mature cost-effective system solutions.

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Machine tool industry solutions

It supports RTCP and has the ability to provide full-process solutions from five-axis mechanical design to workpiece processing, effectively ensuring that customers can achieve their expected goals.

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Logistics industry solutions

Professional intelligent logistics software and hardware technical support team and solution implementation team, and a rich and complete product line of intelligent logistics functional components.

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New energy industry solutions

Reproducible actual new energy power battery welding application cases, and technical support from a professional team with many years of application experience.

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Printing industry solutions

The application experience of the combination of software and hardware in the printing industry can match the most cost-effective drive control scheme according to the actual application of the customer.

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International first-class quality, self-owned inventory helps customers find the best order price and shortest lead time

Into Sunet

19 years of trust, 19 years of responsibility

Shenzhen Xiangju Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on FA industrial automation system solutions and system software, R&D and sales. The company’s headquarters and R&D base are established in the scenic Shekou Free Trade Zone in Shenzhen. And has many branches all over the country.

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the operating principles of talent-oriented and honest business, gathering industry elites, combining foreign advanced technology, management methods, and corporate growth experience with the specific reality of domestic companies to provide domestic companies with a full range of System solutions help companies build digital platforms, so that companies can always maintain their competitiveness in the fierce market competition, and achieve rapid and stable development of companies.