Industry solutions

Program overview

Customer pain points:
1. The programming language of smart equipment of different brands is not uniform, the compatibility of the dispatching system is poor, and the communication efficiency is low;
2. The fault processing cycle is long and the cost is high;
3. The coordination ability between smart devices with different functions is weak, which in turn causes the problem of "low IQ" in the smart system.

The secret of success:
Use Rexroth positioning software + Beiyang Lidar as a SLAM natural laser navigation system, which can
perceive the environment dynamically in real time and complete it quickly On-site mapping and positioning;

The advantages of Xiangju:
1. Professional intelligent logistics software and hardware technical support team and project implementation team;
2. Rich and complete product line of intelligent logistics functional components;
3. The ability to provide solutions ranging from cross-technology to a complete set of intelligent chemical factories.

Customer benefits
  • Rexroth's SLAM navigation and positioning software has a rich API interface to quickly realize the system integration of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics;
  • Excellent laser odometer, encoder and RFID products make AGV car positioning more accurate;
  • SLAM navigation system with non-open source algorithm, the product achieves differentiated competitive advantages;
  • Modular navigation system integration scheme, convenient access to product maintenance, troubleshooting, spare parts supply and other services;