Industry solutions

Program overview

Customer pain points:
1. Digitization poses a huge challenge to printing houses and printing machinery manufacturers;
2, becoming more active in the media industry, Under the situation of increasing personalized requirements for packaging printed matter, fast switching is essential;
3. Also important is to increase productivity and reduce the incidence of waste paper.

The secret of success:
1. Rexroth Automation has 100,000 sets of motion control systems and more than 1 million sets of servo drive applications in global printing and packaging machinery Accumulation, to provide reliable modularization, sustainable development and flexible system solutions for various printing products, and reduce project development time;
2, with standardized tracking cutting, flying cutting, virtual and real axis synchronization and other printing unique positioning The control and process control function blocks improve the programming efficiency; 3, the digital Rexroth status monitoring system can evaluate the trend and change of the process parameter values of the drive and control, reduce the incidence of waste paper, and realize Higher printing speed ensures the highest precision;
4. Mature software and hardware system integration solutions help machine manufacturers simplify engineering design and save hardware costs.

The advantages of Xiangju:
1. Bosch Rexroth has 30 years of experience in printing and packaging industry application development support;
2. Printing industry software and hardware The combined application experience can match the most cost-effective drive control scheme according to the actual application of the customer;
3. It has the ability to provide solutions from cross-technology to complete automation.

Customer benefits
  • Support follow-up controlSupport different sensor types
  • Tell the output to be used for on-the-fly cutting
  • Leapfrogging function, support parabolic trajectory
  • Tool compensation function, according to the size of the light spot compensation
  • Power control function
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Book web offset printing machine

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Newspaper web offset printing machine