Industry solutions

Program overview

Customer pain points:
1. There are mostly semi-closed-loop five-axis control systems on the market, with serious homogeneity, low machining accuracy, and weak competitiveness;
2, high-precision full-closed loop The cost of the five-axis control system is high, and there are application authorization restrictions;
3. The lack of five-axis CNC machining application experience and mature five-axis machining process solutions cannot meet the market's increasing demand for high efficiency and high precision;
4. The ability of the whole process solution from five-axis mechanical design to workpiece processing is relatively weak, and it is difficult to develop a market-oriented five-axis CNC machine tool.

The secret of success:
1. Solve the problem of micro-hole processing speed fluctuations, which can process 0.15mm micro-holes;
2. Solve the problem of linear to arc speed deceleration, R2 fillet processing speed is 300MM /S, high-speed processing with 3G acceleration;
3. Solve the problem of expensive RTCP function and provide cost-effective solutions;
4. Interpolation cycle of up to 0.25ms ensures high-speed and high-precision processing;< br/>5. Direct drive technology is used to solve the problem of screw backlash and turning pause;
6. IMS closed loop is used to solve the problem of transmission thermal extension;
7. To solve the problem of product Yin and Yang line;
8. Solve the crease problem of processed products;
9. Solve the rigidity problem of linear motor machine tools. We provide rigid analysis of mechanical design, linear motor installation standards and testing methods;

The advantages of Xiangju:
Excellent and complete team provides diversified services: selection, design, electronic control debugging, process testing, interface development, 20 years of process experience , Rich industry cases.
1. There is a mature and stable five-axis linkage CNC system that supports RTCP and has been widely used by domestic and foreign machine tool manufacturers;
2. It has the ability to solve the whole process from five-axis mechanical design to workpiece processing, effectively ensuring that customers can achieve their expected goals;
3. It has the functions of automatic correction of the five-axis rotation center and online workpiece measurement, which improves the degree of intelligence and avoids the tolerance caused by man-made;
4. Personnel with extensive five-axis machining application experience, and mature five-axis process solution capabilities;
5. We have not only implemented many successful cases, but also many improvement cases, which can greatly increase the success rate of the project.

Application field
Customer benefits
  • Very cost-effective five-axis system with RTCP function;
  • Not only harvest advanced products, but also enjoy diversified customized services;
  • Professional complete solutions: model selection, design analysis, electronic control debugging, process testing, interface development...
  • Rich industry experience shortens the project cycle and improves the success rate of the project;
  • Rich experience in product use and related third-party component products;

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