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Rexroth Synchronous Linear Motor MCL-Ironless


The iron-free MCL linear motor locates small objects with the highest accuracy and maximum synchronization. The difference from the iron-based variant is that the main components of the fully cast three-phase copper winding adopt a non-iron structure. The U-shaped secondary assembly contains permanent magnets and surrounds the primary assembly. This structure means that there is no attraction or blocking force between the primary and secondary components, and the force constant is linear. These aspects, combined with the relatively small moving mass of the main components, can simultaneously achieve high dynamic performance and accuracy. The compact design provides different installation planes for the primary and secondary components, so the available space in the design is the largest. (Optional) The linear motor is equipped with a Hall unit for the first commutation position detection. Typical application possibilities for ironless linear motors are applications where small masses m

  • Maximum force F Max 72…3,320 N
  • Maximum speed of Fmax VFmax 0-340 m/min
  • Light weight, high acceleration, full power
  • Multiple installation planes, easy to integrate