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Schmersal safety switch-with independent actuator


Safety switches with independent actuators are specially designed for movable and laterally movable and rotating safety devices. These safety devices can only ensure the required safety during operation when they are closed. A safety switch can be added to the finished profile. Contrary to type 1 position switches, type 2 safety switches are not structurally connected to each other, but are only functionally combined or disconnected when switching.

Product features
  • Design and operation of safety switches with independent actuators       Compared with Type 1, Type 2 safety switches according to EN ISO 14119 are not structurally connected to each other. It is only functionally separated or combined. If the operator opens the protective door, the actuator is disconnected from the basic equipment. This will forcefully open the normally closed contact in the safety switch and close the normally open contact. This product area is the core area of the Schmersal Group's product portfolio, and the product range of different series is correspondingly broad. Therefore, various designs and sizes can be provided. The material used, the number of safety contacts and the type of connection and the integration of additional functions depend on the series and model
  • Safety switches also have AS-i SaW interface and ATEX certification          All safety switches with independent actuators of Schmersal Group have at least IP67 protection level, so they have Dustproof function can prevent temporary immersion. Combined with the corresponding safety relay module, it can also reach performance level d or e in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1. Versions with integrated AS-i SaW interface (AS-i safe working interface) and ATEX certified variants that can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres are also part of the company’s safety plan