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Rexroth linear module MLR with toothed belt drive


• Linear module with cam roller guide and toothed belt drive • The integrated backlash-free Rexroth cam roller guide is particularly suitable for very high speeds (up to 10 m/s) due to its special structure. • Both sides of Rexroth cam roller guide have single-point lubrication; single-point lubrication is only suitable for oil lubrication • Planetary gearboxes with various gear ratios and versions are used to optimize external loads to reduce motor inertia. • Available in two sizes, the maximum length is 10,000 mm

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力士乐 线性模块MLR 带齿形皮带传动.jpg
  • Idler (non-driven) end shield: with integrated belt tensioning system. The pulley system is equipped with ball bearings that are lubricated for life
  • Bracket with T-slot for fixing accessories
  • Multi-turn absolute encoder servo motor with or without brake
  • Due to the different reduction ratios, the external load can be optimally adapted to the inertia of the drive motor. The planetary gearbox can be integrated in the belt drive pulley or installed as a gear reducer. This leads to a highly dynamic drive.
  • Toothed belt can cover