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Rexroth Planetary Roller Screw Drive System


Through the PLSA planetary roller screw drive system, Bosch Rexroth has further expanded the application field of its screw drive system, which can move high loads quickly. In the planetary roller screw drive system, a plurality of planetary rollers are arranged symmetrically on the circumference of a nut. These planetary rollers rotate around the rolling threaded screw shaft and rotate in a direction parallel to the shaft to produce linear motion. The greater number of contact surfaces inherent in the structure brings high axial rigidity and load-bearing capacity, thus realizing a longer service life. PLSA can obtain the highest positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy even under the smallest stroke.

Product features
  • A large number of large contact surfaces bring large load-bearing capacity and high rigidity
  • Guide planetary rollers achieve low noise operation
  • High power density and small installation space
  • Effective sealing reduces lubricant consumption and is more environmentally friendly
  • A variety of nut styles are available