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Rexroth Transmission System TS1


TS 1 is a small system in the Bosch Rexroth series of conveying systems. The size and load-bearing capacity of the workpiece are tailor-made for the assembly of small products. The use of well-proven and mature double belts, conveyor parts, hoisting transverse units and curves can ensure the highest production reliability. The TS 1 transmission system consists of standardized components, which you can freely combine to form a system. This allows you to set up many variants and provide a system tailored to meet your specific requirements.

  • Unit precision
  • Short cycle time, so high throughput
  • Compact structure, saving space.
  • It is very economical due to the cost-effective investment and various ways of combining individual components.
  • The maximum weight of the workpiece pallet is 3 kg.
  • The size of the workpiece tray is 80 x 80 mm; 120 x 120 mm; 160 x 160 mm