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Rexroth Synchronous Servo Motor


MKE series motors are specially designed for production plants that are susceptible to explosive mixtures of air and flammable gas, steam, mist or dust. Within the maximum torque range of up to 190 Nm, various sizes of motors with pressure-resistant housing can be selected. Needless to say, all products have passed ATEX certification and/or UL/CSA certification. These motors can also provide a range of options-holding brakes, keyways and single-turn or multi-turn encoder systems.

  • The new generation of MS2N has more than 50 models with a maximum torque of 360 Nm
  • MSK synchronous servo motor with maximum torque up to 631 Nm
  • Pressure-resistant enclosed synchronous MKE servo motor, suitable for potentially explosive environments up to 187 Nm
  • Ultra-compact synchronous MSM servo motor up to 7.1 Nm for connection to IndraDrive C